Apex carries a full range of cost-effective used recycling equipment for maximizing the value of your recyclable materials. These include the following:

PTR Vertical Balers
[Vertical Baler PDF]
  • cardboard baler for low-volume baling (0-30 tons/month) of cardboard, plastics, non-ferrous scrap, and more.

IBC "Full Penetration" Multi-Material Closed Door Balers
[LD Series PDF]
  • One of the most versatile balers on the market! For medium-volume baling of corrugated various paper grades, plastics, cans, and more. Ideal for medium-volume recycling centers, warehouses, distribution centers, printing/converting plants. Extra heavy duty models are available for baling a wide range of non-ferrous scrap, including siding, radiators, insulated wire, extrusion, and cans.

IBC Two Ram Automatic Tie Balers
[TR Series PDF] 
  • For large-volume recycling centers, scrap yards, landfills and paper plants. Bales fiber, cans, plastics, non-ferrous metals, solid waste, and more.

IBC Corrugated and Trim Closed Door Balers
[CD Series PDF]
  • horizontal baler ideal for medium-volume baling (30-150 tons/month) of large corrugated cardboard or paper trim. "Wide Mouth" corrugated models reduce loading and bale tie off labor.

IBC Auto Tie/Extrusion Balers
[AT Series PDF]
  • For large-volume fiber baling. Bale corrugated and various paper grades. Ideal for large-volume printers, converters, paper plants, recycling centers.

G-Baler Horizontal Balers
Unique Ram Roller System Minimizes Down Time and Repair Costs!

IMABE Alligator Shears -  This affordable 300 ton shear will process up to 4"                                                  thick plate!

REM Sorting Systems
[see picture]
  • Custom sorting systems for any volume. Affordable ground level systems for low volume and elevated push through bunker systems for high volume. Automatic magnetic sorting, screening, and more.

REM Can Processing Equipment
[Can Crusher PDF]
  • Automatic can flattener/blower systems available with integrated weigh scales.

Vecoplan Shredders
[Vecoplan Shredder PDF]
  • The most advanced shredding system on the market! Vecoplan single-shaft, ram feed design allows “dump and run” shredding of virtually any paper grade/type, plus plastics, e-waste, wood, solid waste, and more. Dramatic labor savings over other shredders that require metered feeding. Interchangeable screen size offers the highest level of product security. Ideal for document destruction, high-volume printers, and more!

Pneumatic Air Systems
[see picture]
  • Flexible air system solutions for any size application.

Baling Wire
[see picture]
  • Box wire, single loop bale ties, and coil wire.
  • Available in black annealed and galvanized. 

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Horizontal Baler Products & More

Horizontal Baler
Horizontal BalerHorizontal BalerHorizontal Baler
Horizontal Baler
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